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DTF Ink – 1 Liter


Revolutionize your printing process with our exclusive Fast DTF Transfers, featuring a premium 5-color variety selection meticulously crafted for swift and durable prints. Immerse yourself in the realm of deep color saturation, seamless viscosity, and an extensive color gamutβ€”all without the worry of print head clogs. Our carefully curated DTF ink guarantees unmatched vibrancy and consistency, ensuring your designs pop with vivid brilliance and enduring durability.

High-quality DTF Transfer Smart Peel Film – 24″ X 328 Feet

Double Matte
Single Matte

Experience flawless t-shirt printing with our Fast DTF Transfer Film. Choose between the Single Matte Smart Peel for a professional finish on light and dark fabrics or the Double Matte Smart Peel for versatility on both sides. Crafted for durability, user-friendly even for beginners, and unbeatable affordability.

Elevate your printing game today!


Premium DTF Transfer Powders – 1 KG

Fine Powder
Medium Powder

Revolutionize fabric printing with Fast DTF Transfer Powder. Choose Fine or Medium Powder for vibrant, breathable prints on cotton and polyester. Specially formulated for dark shirts, this TPU hot melt adhesive ensures flexibility and bright colors. Elevate your designs with Fast DTF Transfer Powder – the key to professional, standout prints.